as director/choreographer


The unison section in Bigmouth Strikes Again is not logical. It isn’t really “feel good” dancing. What comes next was not often what our bodies wanted to do, and we played with that in many ways. lush is the rebound from that dancing. It’s also:

  1. because I want to learn more about the kind of dancing Eric’s been doing for the last few years…it’s soft, fluid, luscious really, and also sequential, clear, and particular…check out this phrase he made for Practice last summer that Leslie, Anya and I called soft eric.
  2. short for luscious
  3. a drunkard, or, as I discovered more recently when I asked a student about her sorority’s t-shirt with LUSH printed on it, “someone who gets drunk easily and flirts with everyone”. Eric and I have been playing and practicing with our voices and one morning I went off for what felt like five minutes in some kind of stream of consciousness including words, sounds, gags, lyrics (interrupted)…it was a little drunk, so I really want to practice something of this rant in LUSH
  4. a way to learn something(s) about spontaneous, emergent, momentary unison and different ways to be the same.
  5. embodied, dialectic relationship between the differing definitions of lush. When I google “define lush”, the second definition is “very rich and providing sensory pleasure”. Urban Dictionary’s first is “one who becomes intoxicated after a few drinks and flirts with everyone”. What is the dance that is both of these?
  6. another dance that is not “about” our relationship, but is “of” our relationship. Which I just love.