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Practice: a dancing intensive in San Diego

Anya Cloud, Dina Academia Apple, Leslie Seiters, Eric Geiger, Jess Humphrey, and Kris Apple in Leslie Seiters/little known dance theater's UNICORN. Photo by Tim Richards
Anya Cloud, Dina Academia Apple, Leslie Seiters, Eric Geiger, Jess Humphrey, and Kris Apple in Leslie Seiters/little known dance theater’s UNICORN. Photo by Tim Richards

We invite you into a week of shared research of dance. We will re-claim, re-imagine, re-gurgitate, re-define and mine ways to practice, make, perform, and behold dancing. You must be 18 to participate. You are not too old. Please come and work with your body as it is.

To register, please email us at:


6/24/13 to 6/29/13 (Thursday off)

Daily Schedule:
9:30-12 Technique(s)
12-2 Eat, Rest, Relate
2-5:30 Dancemaking
6-7 Integration & Recuperation

Everything: sliding scale $250-$350
Technique(s) only: $125
Integration & Recuperation only: $50/$10 drop in

Anya Cloud, Eric Geiger, Jess Humphrey and Leslie Seiters

All part of LIVE, leslie seiters/little known dance theater’s UNICORN, and we teach at universities in San Diego, California (CSUSM, UCSD, & SDSU).

Anya Cloud MFA, is from Alaska and Montana and collaborates extensively across disciplines. Contact improvisation is central to her work. Researching: adaptation, authorship, fantasy, subtlety, endurance, emotions. Born in Homer, Alaska.

Eric Geiger MA, 1st year Feldenkrais practitioner training program. Right now I’m really into allowing the “thing” to arise by simply doing. Researching: performance of identity, states, desire, mysteriousness, disorientation, beauty. Born in Brooklyn, New York.

Jess Humphrey MFA, CLMA, RSME Certified in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis, Pilates. Studying Body-Mind Centering. Lately, I have been discovering a bit of truth in everything. I am a new mother to Hazel Bee. Both of these happenings have me interested in rest and recuperation. Researching: practice, relationships, performance, somatics, wellness, stakes, learning, integration. Born in Pasadena, California.

Leslie Seiters MFA, 1st year Feldenkrais practitioner training program. As teacher, artist, dancer, performer, person my recurring theme is simply listening. Researching: animal, performance, touch, duration, minutia, contradiction. Researching: animal, performance, touch, duration, minutia, contradiction. Born in Sewanee, Tennessee.

Questions guiding our research:

Can technique class be a context where we practice what we want to have available to us In performance? In life?
What is recuperative?
Magic. How do we stay out of her way?
How do we dance forever?
What if dance is how we practice relationship?
What if leaving it continues it?
What’s at stake and are we willing to lose? Lose something? Be a loser?
Can dropping down, dropping in, dropping out ground us?
Can we be magnificent without grasping (literally and figuratively) for magnificence?
How does rest influence embodied learning?
How do we allow the work to work itself out?
Can practices that bring forth the parasympathetic nervous system allow for a more rigorous study of dance? What is rigor?
How can (and why should) we increase our qualitative range?
How do we make space for gestation within/during/throughout the creative process?
What if the dance is problematic, provocative and incomplete? Are we making such dances or do we just think we are? Are we willing to?
What are the qualities of our attention?
What are we wearing?
How do we make space for gestation within/during/throughout the creative process?
What are traditionally or historically valued qualities in dance? What happens if we honor, add to, rebel against this list of values?
How do we talk/not talk about what happened? How does this influence experience, memory, what comes next?
Who authors the human body?
Can we pay attention to many things all at once?
What are the qualities of our attention?
Can we see while being seen?
Can we be while being beheld?
Can we listen?
When does dancing become a dance?
What is the value of getting lost?
What if this is what we are training for?
What is worth making? What isn’t?

Thank you to our instructors, influences, inspiration…

Phillip Adams   Chris Aiken   Carol Ammons   Wes Anderson   Michelle Antonioli   Terry Dean Bartlett     Kristen Baum Wilcox   Adrian Bean   Greg Begley   Elizabeth Beringer   Eliana Bonard   Nicole Bradley Browning   Charlene Campbell   Wally Cardona   Teri Carter   Ray Chung   Liam Clancy   Karen Clippinger   Henry Cloud   Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen   Jane Comfort   Juliette Crump   Jess Curtis   Della Davidson   John Dixon   David Dorfman   Irene Dowd  Jan Eckert   Heidi Eggert   Kim Epifano   Lee Su Fe   Florin Fieroiu   Sarah Gamblin   Pamela Geber   Brian Gerke   Joe Goode   Ed Groff   Miguel Gutierrez   Peggy Hackney   Anna Halprin   Julyen Hamilton   Eric Handman   Andrew Harwood   Deborah Hay   Keith Hennessy   Kathleen Hermesdorf   K.J. Holmes   Kathryn Irey   Rael Isacowitz   John Jasperse   Keith Johnson   Bill T. Jones   Eva Karczag   Karen Kauffman   Martin Keogh   Cyrus Khambatta   Aiko Kinoshita   Susan Klein   Ellie Klopp   Jo Kreiter   Stephen Koester   Daniel Lepkoff   Nita Little   Madonna   Barbara Mahler   Sara Shelton Mann   Susan Marshall   Nina Martin   Amy Matthews   Janice Meaden   Eduardo Mercado  Nancy McCaleb   Marjean McKenna   Susan McLain   Laural Wall-Mclane   Jes Mullette   Bebe Miller   Karen Nelson   K.T. Niehoff   Tere O’Conner   Sara Pearson   Guillermo Gomez-Pena   Stephen Petronio   Kristi Topham Petty   Diego Pinon   Kathryn Posin   Amy Ragsdale   Yvonne Rainer   Mary Reich   Wendy Rogers   Kitty Sailer   Rebecca Salzer   Karen Schaffman   Susan Schell   Pam Shick   Nana Shineflug   Nancy Stark Smith    Yolande Snaith   Brad Stoller   Carol Swann   Cristina Turdo   Antonietta Vicario    Jeremy Wade   Barbara Walczak   Scott Wells   Patrik Widrig   Christine Wright