as performer/collaborator, happened


Directed by Leslie Seiters, more UNICORN continues the work of UNICORN.

In Leslie’s words:

more UNICORN is a dance assembled from a suspicion that we can’t make magic happen AND a belief that magic is inevitable every time. We practice and exploit contradictions with our bodies, each other, the choreographic process, and our relationship to the audience. Created from durational research attempting to undefine, be something wild, and make something accidentally, this new work is a collection of structures and super-set duets that are used to practice real simultaneity, clarity&blurriness, solidarity&divergence, personal & not personal, vigilance&carelessness, so-much-more& nothing-more.

We move in pairings of persons, actions, and purposes. We attempt simple propositions that reveal complexity. We participate fully in order to get out of the way of what we are making. We play in thresholds of predictability, duration, togetherness, control, repetition, and change.

Continuing to be guided by seemingly incongruous pairs prompts me/us/the work to be wider, multidimensional, and not limited by one track, one direction, or one answer. These contradictions are sometimes recognized in retrospect, and are sometimes targeted in our rehearsals:

Rebellious and Responsible

Accessible and Demanding

Pre-made and Being made

Highly Designed and Directed with a Light Touch

Unformed and Directed with a Light Touch

Amateur and Seasoned

Unpredictable and Classical

Elegant and Unsophisticated

Ending Before Finishing and Lingering Too Long

Unintelligible and Logical

Feigned and In Earnest

Last Time and Forever