lush preview #2: lush is…

lush is voluminous
lush is green
this lush is fertile, fruitful and flowing…we feel fluid moving/in our bodies.
A healthiness.
An abundance.
Physical and overflowing.
lush is logical
lush is soft
lush is ease
lush is LUSCIOUS
lush is a wild animal
lush takes its time
lush is an introvert performed by extroverts
a lush is a lightweight drunk and frivolous flirt
If Bigmouth was the bender, lush is the hangover.
lush isn’t afraid of beauty, modern dance, or water.
lush brings us (Eric & Jess) together again.
& lush is becoming another dance that is “of”
(rather than “about”)
our relationship.

lush sometimes sounds like dolphins.
lush is curvilinear. lush asks, “What if the spiral of our DNA could be made visible?”