Paradox Praxis

“our bodies and minds are not two and not one…our bodies and minds are both two and one.” —Suzuki Roshi polarity → dipole  → binary → opposites → contradiction → paradox Paradoxes help me hold, leverage, surf, and transcend polarities. When a process (a dance, a body) can include both “sides” of a polarity at once as

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8-Week Bartenieff Fundamentals Series

“an approach to basic body training that deals with patterning connections in the body according to principles of efficient movement functioning within a context which encourages personal expression and full psychophysical involvement.” -Peggy Hackney When & Where: Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30pm, February 20th thru April 10th in ENS 200 at SDSU What: In this series, we will

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