embodied anatomy & somatics

Body Modalities class at San Diego State University, Fall 2013

Andrea Olsen’s The Place of Dance is an exquisite guide to somatic practice as it relates to dancemaking.

The School For Body-Mind Centering (Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen) BMC® youtube channel

The Feldenkrais Method Free Awareness Through Movement recorded lessons: Lynette Reid Jill Wigmore-Welsh

Amy Matthews’ (CMA, Body-Mind Centering, yoga) Embodied Anatomy training. Expensive, but you can sign up for her weekly newsletter and get free, short video excerpts that are packed with her perspective and supporting science.

Anatomy Zone on youtube has several animated anatomy tutorials Animated Biomedical on youtube…many of these videos are very short and a little oversimplified, but some are great.

Zygote Body: Free, 3D web app that you can manipulate to view different body systems and/or parts.

Nervous System: John Chitty discusses the Autonomic Nervous System (including Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory). I also like Chitty’s article Polyvagal Theory, the Triune Autonomic Nervous System, and Therapeutic Application

Fascia: Gil Hedley’s Integral Anatomy is a beautiful series of videos where he dissects and discusses the fascial system. So grateful he posted these videos…what a gift.

Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains