Entering Now

contact improvisation, happened, with students

Entering Now (2007) was my thesis concert at the University of Utah. It was a shared evening with Shannon Mockli. A few ideas I was working with at the time:

  • Scores and set material within the same work to learn more about how ways of being in performance changed as dancers shifted between the minds evoked/needed by each.
  • Contact improvisation scores inspired by aspects of Laban Movement Analysis that I rarely experienced/observed in Contact dances.
  • Download a pdf version of my written thesis, How Contact Improvisation Can Inform the Creative Process and Enliven its Product

Excerpts from Guarding (solo) and Guarded (duet), edited to show their relationship

Excerpts from each of the separate works: Unsettling the Score, Guarding, Guarded, and Commercial Breaks 1 & 2 

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photo by Ben Ditto