8 Aug 2014

lush preview #2: lush is…

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<em>lush</em> preview #2: <em>lush</em> is… lush is voluminous lush is green this lush is fertile, fruitful and flowing…we feel fluid moving/in our bodies. A healthiness. An abundance. Physical and overflowing. lush is logical lush is soft lush is ease lush is LUSCIOUS lush is a wild animal lush takes its time lush is an introvert performed by extroverts a […]

27 Jul 2014

lush preview #1: Anya G magic

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<em>lush</em> preview #1: Anya G magic

Anya Gallaccio came to the beginning of our practice this week. She’s working on a sculpture to go in the garden of a school for disabled kids in Brussels and wanted some images of live bodies at this point in her process. She watched Eric and I dance and took some photos. The conversation, her presence. […]

18 Jul 2014

Practice: A dancing intensive in San Diego, 2014

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We invite you to a second year of shared research of dance. This summer, we will meet once a week to re-claim, re-imagine, re-gurgitate, re-define and mine ways to practice, make, perform, and behold dancing. Please come and work with your present body, and all its possibilities. When: Tuesdays, 2pm-5pm from June 3rd-August 19th. Anyone […]

  • Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.

    - Samuel Beckett
  • “Dance, dance…otherwise we are lost.”

    - Pina Bausch
  • “Our body and mind are not two and not one…Our body and mind are both two and one.”

    - Suzuki Roshi